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Sacred OC

with Angela Sinnet of Magnolia Wellness

Offering everything from community acupuncture to reiki to human design courses and facial sculpting, Magnolia Wellness has become a one-stop shop for all things alternative healing – and thriving – in Orange County. It’s become one of the most successful conscious spaces in the OC, now offering dozens of events each month, often selling out classes immediately.  

Sitting down with founder Angela Sinnet, it becomes clear why. For it’s range of offerings, Magnolia surprisingly has a quite simple mission: to provide a sacred space for like-minded souls in the area to gather in community. Angela’s own background in acupuncture (which she still offers in the space) informed this humble ethos, showing her the simple yet profound power of bringing good energy together, sitting back, and watching what happens. 

When asked what she’s most proud of, Angela remarks beautifully: “Without a doubt, I am most proud of and most grateful for the people—the practitioners, the patients and the community we've built.” Here’s to the communities we build, support, and cherish.


how did you get into healing work and what services do you offer?

In my mid-twenties, I exited both a career and personal relationship at the same time which became the catalyst that led me to self exploration and ultimately to acupuncture school.  Most healers have to walk their own spiritual path before they can help others and I was no exception. For me, that experience was one of the most profound, divine awakenings of my life.  I approached myself as the experiment; taking on many forms of treatment to learn everything I could, I was insatiable. 

With decades of personal data under my belt, along with thousands of patient treatments, I have come to know many things that work to heal the human form—acupuncture and herbology are among the best available.  Acupuncture is widely known to treat pain, anxiety and fertility issues. What it doesn't get enough credit for is the cellular cascade of shifts that it magnifies. Esoteric acupuncture is one of my favorite treatments to start the process. It works on all the chakras and systems of the body as well as the auric fields.

why did you open Magnolia Wellness?

Magnolia Wellness is an expansion of my original solo practice, Magnolia Acupuncture, which I ran part-time for about ten years while raising my three baby girls. A few years ago, I noticed a need in Orange County for more conscious, wellness-focused events.  Many people coming in for acupuncture were searching for a like-minded community, and I realized I could be the conduit to offer that. I knew if I could bring a variety of elevated practitioners together, we could provide not only more diverse modalities of healing but also an ever-expanding roster of awesome events.


How does your background in acupuncture inspire the other Magnolia Wellness' offerings?

The experience of providing and receiving acupuncture has really shown me the importance of energy medicine in a sacred space—what an honor it is to heal and be healed, to support and feel the transformation that happens when the body and mind release what’s no longer serving a higher purpose. 

True wellness isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, so we offer many options: hypnotherapy, reiki, angel intuitive readings, lymphatic drainage massage, human design courses, and even natural botox alternatives like facial sculpting. Many people initially arrive seeking acupuncture, because it’s at the forefront of bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine, and we love that; but we’ve also seen really incredible transformations happen where acupuncture has served as a portal to other emerging layers of healing. 

What about Magnolia are you the most proud of?

Without a doubt, I am most proud of and most grateful for the people—the practitioners, the patients and the community we've built.  Watching all the connections take shape has been such a humbling experience. We are so honored to be sharing in the reality that healing does not have to be hard all the time. Sometimes it's actually the best when it's fun and light and sourced in inspiration! 

What three words encapsulate how you want people to feel when they leave an event at Magnolia Wellness?

lightness of being

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