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unwell: A Different Kind of Wellness Conference.

nyc | 10am–5pm Friday September 20th


Unwell is a day full of conversations and activities that reevaluate our society’s obsession with perfection. At the fullest we believe happiness is the ultimate indicator of wellness, and the longer we find ourselves in this industry, the stronger we feel about practicing balance and *not* taking it to the extreme. We know all too well how this obsession can translate into a dogmatic and neurotic approach to wellness — and we are here to talk about it. Come for the convo and leave with a gift bag!

conference itinerary 


Doors open for check-in. Breakfast bites with Cocojune & Bubble Goods.


the fullest founder Nikki Bostwick will discuss the intention behind Unwell and her own personal experience with wellness.


Nikki will host a one-on-one interview with Lee Tilghman of Lee From America; followed by a Q+A.


Making Wellness Accessible. Moderated by Karolina Palmer, in conversation with Katie Dalebout, Christine Dionese, and Sinikiwe Dhliwayo.


Sakara Lunch.


A Conversation on Skin Confidence with Whitney Tingle and Britta Plug.


A Gua Sha Tutorial with Britta Plug from Wildling Beauty.


Postpartum Mental Health. In conversation with Danielle Duboise, Biet Simkin, and Sylvie Charles.


Digesting Life: working on our internal dialogue and external circumstances for true digestive freedom. In conversation with Deborah Hanekamp and Nicole Berrie. Followed by a Q+A.


Earth Healing Meditation by Mama Medicine.


Closing of day remarks by Nikki.

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