“The moment you are in touch with your breath, the Universe pours into you.”

- Yogi Bhajan


It’s funny. Breath is literally our lifeforce. It’s so massively important, and yet so often we underestimate it. Or completely forget about it. Only when it gets called to our attention—when we’re consciously controlling it in breathwork, holding our breath underwater, out of breath after laughing or dancing or running, gasping for breath when we hear that omg Justin Bieber is engaged?!?—do we remember how desperately vital it is.

Breath expands us. It fills us up.

It helps us connect deeply to our physical body, to the people around us. We all share the same breath.

It heals us, instantly. #goodbyestress

It offers us freedom, by bringing us into the present moment. All we have is right now.

Breathe in, breathe out.