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Saturday october 19

Secular Sabbath

Mystic Dharma Buddhist Temple | 5206 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles


Welcome To Secular Sabbath.

Welcome To Secular Sabbath. We have evolved out of the societal need to celebrate a day of rest, and be present. Our space is constructed of sensory experiences that invite you to drop into your sensory selves: the way you hear, smell, taste, touch and see. Our nucleus is music, which is proven to have deep psychological and subliminal effects on human beings.

On this night of October 19th, you will have the opportunity to spend the night in the sonic bathing experience flexibly brought to you by Rhye, Joel Shearer, Daedelus, Ooah (of The Glitch Mob), Illangelo (The Weeknd), SIMIHAZE, Blake Mccleod & Friends (Foxtrails), Kassia Meador, Madame Gandhi, Guy Blakeslee and more surprise guests. As you can see, most of the musicians come from variant musical backgrounds but there's an underlying shared factor in that each musician is someone we see that remains curious and always wants to keep exploring new frontiers, with the understanding that music can heal. On October 19th, we will share in this living space where music, art and wellness meet.

Doors close at 11pm for entry.


Interactive experiences include:

Transformational Breathwork with Carly Morgan

Tea Ceremony with Mia Maestro

Healing Arts Curation with Amber Lee of Plant As Compass

Bone Holding with Kiana Reeves

Plant Based Dinner + Breakfast with Yael Lasry (Powered by Dosist)

Plantwave Singing Plant Installation

+ more to be announced...