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empowered birth


 21-day Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth & Early Postpartum


This curated course is unlike anything Commune has produced before, with 12 different experts and 90+ lessons, movement practices, and stories. It guides you through pregnancy, labor, and delivery by tapping into the wisdom of a wide range of birth & post-natal experts.


Course Curriculum

Practical tools for living in your changing body

Week 1

pregnancy: nutrition, exercise, journeying within, and building your medical support system.


We balance and strengthen all parts of the body, beginning with breath work and the pelvic floor, moving into static postures and physical therapy exercises. Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. No yoga experience needed.

week 2


prepare for a labor and delivery experience where you are in charge so you can completely let go.

focus on movement and flow. these vinyasa classes are appropriate for mamas with some yoga experience or who are otherwise fit and not experiencing pregnancy complications.

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week 3


birth culture is all about rising and baking, but we don’t focus on the mama’s mind and body while the bun is the oven. post-partum care.

chillax with restorative & yin yoga. appropriate for everyone. also appropriate for post partum after a few weeks of recovery.

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Schuyler Grant

Empowered Birth is Hosted by Schuyler Grant, mother of three and co-creator of Wanderlust Festivals and Kula Yoga. Now she brings that wisdom to the journey and practice of motherhood. She is passionate about providing women the tools they need to have a healthy, safe, and inspired childbirth experience — free of fear and full of options.