who we are

CONSCIOUS CITY GUIDE is a global community of intentional experience creators + seekers. We gather IRL now more than ever to connect with the planet, each other and ourselves. Our platform serves to unify these experiences, while also amplifying its creators with production and partnerships so we can rise together in cultural evolution.  


what is conscious?

Your Conscious event must foster a level of awareness for:


The self.

the event promotes self-realization, self-development, and healing by inspiring and guiding people to better themselves through connection to their bodies, inner nature, and highest self.

The Community.

the event is – above all – inclusive, supportive, encouraging, and promotes unity. This is achieved through consent, conscious communication, mutual respect, and intentionally fostered connection between participants and the planet.

The Planet.

the event is conscious of its environmental impact and/or works to remind people of their connection to the natural world. This is achieved through conscious waste management, communication about our impact on the planet, and purposeful interactions with our surroundings.