Grandmother Agnes

95th Birthday Celebration

Saturday September 14 | Cedar Bloom Farm

Cave Junction, Oregon


a celebration with music & storytelling

We are honored to host Grandma Agnes’s 95th Birthday Celebration. She is a gem in our community and we are so grateful to have her here sharing her wisdom and heart message.

children under 12 are donation based upon entrance

Saturday Schedule

3:00pm salmon picnic

Bring your own cutlery & Utencils, water bottle, and lawn chair or blanket. Also walking stick, water shoes, and swimwear for trail walks, wading, and swimming.

4:30pm Storytelling

Grandma Aggie, friends and family tell stories about Takilma Life and Traditions of the Illinois Valley

5:30pm dancing and drumming

Birthday Tributes, dancing and drumming for Grandma Aggie

6:30pm Mariee Sioux performs

revered for her delicate fingerpicking and mystical songs that reflect her Native American heritage, we are excited to have Folk Artist, Mariee Sioux with us to honor Grandma.

7:30pm Sunset Closing Prayer

Steve and Mary Kiesling are hosting another birthday celebration on Wed. September 11th (3:30pm to 7:30pm) at their property by Ti'lomikh Falls, just upstream of Gold Hill. Proceeds will go to the Grandmothers Empowerment Project (501c3 nonprofit), and you can make a tax-deductible donation online to them at // For event details, go to



Tribal elder Agnes Baker-Pilgrim is the oldest living female, that is known of, that is a direct descendant of the Takelma Indians that once lived in southern Oregon for twenty thousand years. She is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz. Her grandfather, Chief George Harney, was the first elected chief of the Siletz Nation. Agnes came from a family of nine children. She was the third from the last child, born September 11, 1924 near headwaters of the Siletz River at Logsden, Oregon and is the last surviving member of her family. She now resides in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Agnes is a historian, storyteller and cultural instructor. She teaches how her people lived in southern Oregon. She shares the history of the tribe starting with the Trail of Tears of her people that begins down by the Table Rocks on the Rogue River. She is the oldest member of the Thirteen International Indigenous Grandmothers.

The Grandmothers formed an alliance, the first time in history. They gathered from the four directions in the land of the people of the Iroquois Confederacy, the Amazon Rain Forest, the Arctic Circle of North America, the Great Forest of the Amazon Northwest, the vast Plains of North America, the Highlands of Central America, the Black Hills of South Dakota, the mountains of Oaxaca, the desert of the American Southwest, the mountains of Tibet and the Rain Forest of Central Africa. They joined with all those who honor the Creator and to all who work and pray for children, for world peace and for the healing of Mother Earth. They journey the world, trying to preserve what we have here today, and being a voice for the voiceless and to stop spiritual blindness. The grandmothers speak for the next seven generations.



Mariee Sioux has long been a fixture in thE folk scene, revered for her delicate fingerpicking and mystical songs that reflect her Native American heritage. Her ethereal singing aches with haunting sensitivity, calling forth what is dormant within us and awakening deeply sown seeds of our inner worlds, it often moves listeners to tears.

Coming from mixed races of Polish, Hungarian and Native American heritage she has always been fascinated by her ancestry and is involved in local and national indigenous activism. A highly sensitive person, Mariee was raised in the small gold mining town of Nevada City that resides on occupied Nisenan territory in Northern California. She grew up daydreaming about the old ways of her ancestors and what pre contact life for the Nisenan might have looked like on their land, imagery that later found it's way into her songwriting.

Through her music Mariee distills the wisdom of ancestors in a way that chillingly resonates. As Sophia Rose states "Her songs seem to connect you instantly with the original innocence and transcendent wisdom that is inherent in each of us."


If you wish to extend your stay, please book camping before or after main event: (to purchase event tickets please use link above)