Cosmic Perspective


Every astronaut who’s ever been to the moon is struck by one thing: how tiny and miraculous planet Earth is. Suddenly, their perspectives shift from looking up at space – trying desperately to understand it – to actually being amongst the stars, trying to understand themselves.

Whether moon travel is on our 2020 agendas or not, this perspective shift is attainable for us all. In fact, all it takes is recognizing that we, too, are star stuff! Like the stars, we brighten the world around us with our unique energies and, together, we form our own galaxies of friend groups, families, coworkers, communities, countries, and continents.

Reading this perspective and applying it to our lives though, are two very different things. Here to help us understand how to harness our star power is second-generation Vedic Astrologer Tulsi Bagnoli.

As Tulsi preps for her upcoming Vedic Astrology & Meditation Workshop, she sat down with us to talk all things cosmic perspective. Learn how her family lineage of astrology shaped her, what knowing our astrological charts does for our sense of purpose, and all the deets about what the stars hold for us now.


You come from a long line of astrologers. Can you tell us about that lineage and how it impacts your work?

One of my first memories, most likely around three or four, was watching my father prepare an astrology chart by hand. When I was a young child, I was mesmerized by the stories of the stars and constellations he would share with me. I was always intrigued with his practice and in awe of the mythology he would so eloquently convey. Being a daughter and niece of astrologers and having many friends who have become mentors, planted a seed within me at a very young age that has been tended to and nurtured in such a way that Vedic Astrology has become one of my greatest loves and passions.

What does knowing your astrological chart do for your overall sense of well-being?

Knowing your astrological chart helps you gain the tools and insights to navigate and align with the current rhythms and planetary influences that are unfolding in your life and shine light on what is wanting to be cultivated with the greatest ease and least amount of resistance. Vedic astrology specifically, can reveal the deeper intricacies and tendencies of the mind, bring clarity to ones spiritual path, relationships and compatibility, dharma or highest aligned path and offer tools to work with those karmas that are presenting themselves. As a sister science to yoga and ayurveda, jyotish (Vedic astrology) assists one in designing a personal daily practice, lifestyle, and diet and glimpses into one’s overall health.

Can you tell us a bit about the difference between vedic and western astrology?

Vedic astrology’s sole emphasis is on the Ascendant or rising sign (Lagna) and the position of the Moon sign, which at its bases has a system of 27 constellations called nakshatras. In comparison to western astrology that gives a greater emphasis to the Sun’s position in a specific sign, the nakshatras or lunar mansions offer a much more detailed view and deeper dive into the layers of ones Vedic chart. 

Another fundamental difference between the two systems, is the calculation of the position of the planets. Tropical astrology, that which we are most familiar with in the west, is based off of the seasons and sidereal astrology (Jyotish) is based on observational astrology or the actual fixed positions of the stars as they sit in front of the ecliptic, which leads to a 24 degree difference in calculations.

What's going on astrologically for us all right now?


The astrological weather has been dense and our inner landscape has been on trial for investigation. Despite a time of immense transition and infinite possibility, we find ourselves anchoring in and digesting all the changes and planetary shifts that have just taken place. The light that was at the end of the tunnel has begun to shine brighter and offer glimpses of the hope we’ve been waiting for.  

In the past month and a half, many planets have made a shift, including slower moving planets, such as the nodes of the moon, Rahu - Gemini and Ketu - Sagittarius (until Sept. 23, 2020), Jupiter (April 10th-Aug. 11th) and Saturn (April 30th-Sept 17th) just went into retrograde (don’t be alarmed, this is quite different than Mercury retrograde). We are enjoying Venus’s last few days of exaltation (Pisces) which has been offering a boost to all things Venusian and mercury just went out of debilitation and into Aries, which should be offering some ease around communication and technology. Spend the next few months realigning with your dharma, or sense of purpose and remember to take some down time to reflect internally for answers.


Current Mantra?

With the new moon on May 4th in Aries (Bharani nakshatra), the mantra for the next month is to:

release that which isn’t serving you any more, to make way for something more beneficial.

If you’d like to know how the current shifts are influencing you personally, tulsi would be delighted to offer 25% off of her private Vedic astrology consultations when purchased by May 14th.

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