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Inner Peace. Stillness. Mindfulness. Transcendance. These are buzzwords we hear a lot in the conscious community. And without proper background for what these words mean and, more importantly, a solid understanding of how we can achieve them in our daily lives, that’s all they’ll ever be. Clearly, that won’t cut it.

So, we sat down with Yashoda Devi Ma, cofounder of The Subtle Mind, a meditation and co-creative space in Boulder, Colorado to get to the bottom of how exactly we can take these concepts from vague buzzwords to personal bliss.

– Yashoda Devi Ma –

What is The Subtle Mind?

a subtle mind is an enlightened mind.

As we become more awake, conscious, mindful and powerful, we gain subtle senses. we become able to pick up the impulses of the future in our present moment awareness. we show up to the needs of the moment. This is what yoga is all about. The only place that Yoga actually happens in is the mind.   

the subtle mind is also our beautiful space in Boulder, Colorado.

The concept of the subtle mind was to a curate a space specifically for the mind, nervous system, brain and expanding one’s consciousness. we share this space with creatives, yogis and conscious human beings to offer their awesome projects and events.

why get subtle?

meditation that has brought us to this conclusion:  The only way out is in.

When you learn this self-transcending technique, you allow the body to repair, restore, rejuvenate effortlessly and the nervous system moves out of  ‘fight or flight’ and into a response state.  As the mind experiences its truest nature of stillness, unboundedness, expansiveness, timelessness, and spaciousness, it begins to live those qualities as a reality.

how has meditation helped you?

regular, daily vedic meditation revolutionized my life. When I began to do asana that I found myself healing in savasana.  my nervous system began to calm and is started to feel connected.  When vedic meditation came into our lives the rest was history.  

Vedic meditation is a self-transcending, deeply relaxing meditation technique that is mantra based.  Through the practice, we have healed, activated and balanced our chemistry within our brain, enhanced our creative intelligence, expanded our capacity, dissolved limiting behavior and established a baseline of true inner happiness that isn’t based on anything out here.  

What are simple things we can do daily to for a subtle mind?

  1. prioritize the sunrise.

    Make it priority as often as possible to wake up and watch the sunrise in the morning. It connects us to something greater than ourselves and reminds us that the world is beautiful. Everything about creation is magnificent.

  2. begin mindfully.

    Before you have your coffee or breakfast, find a place in your house where you can sit comfortably without being disturbed.  Close your eyes, tune into your breath and your body. Give yourself 5 mins of deep breathing. Breath in through your nose nice and slow for 5 seconds and exhale out your mouth nice and slow for 5 seconds. This soothes the mind/body, activates the gamma brain waves and brings coherency to the brain. After 5 mins let go of the breath work and sit with eyes closed for a few minutes before getting up allowing for the mind to naturally relax and think at the same time.  Thoughts are a part of meditation. Simply observe them and let be. No control.

  3. Sip.

    brew hot water with lemon every morning after your breath and silence.  It grounds the body and cleans the gut. Healthy digestion is good for the mind/body.

  4. Get into nature barefoot.

    Put your feet into the Earth.  There is a frequency we can connect to that aligns us with nature and the soles of our feet are the gateway.

  5. Touch.

    Every human being needs a healthy dose of touch that calms our nervous system. Whether it’s a long hug from a friend or beloved, self reiki, bodywork, etc. When the hands become the touch of a loving heart the nervous system melts into relief.

  6. nourish

    make foods that your nervous system, enhance brain/full mental potential and give us joy must absolute become priority.

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