Sacred Sweat


Sacred Sweat

with Taryn Toomey

Although there are burpees involved, The Class by Taryn Toomey is more than a workout–it’s the work.

In her signature movement class, Taryn encourages you to get raw, real, and loud. Her series of poses are designed to bring you to your point of resistance, where she asks you, “What else has your resistance kept you from? From your life?” So you face your resistance, feel it, and move through it.

The release is powerful. As are the effects on the body.

It may sound rough, but the space she holds and music she curates make for a beautiful, uplifting experience. Which is why it’s pure alchemy that The Class now has a residency in one of our favorite intentional spaces: The Sacred Space Miami.

We asked Taryn about her heart-clearing, spirit-lifting Class:


What sets The Class apart?

The Class is different than any other HIIT or yoga experience because we create a cathartic physical movement where teachers guide you into awareness of your mental and emotional state.  We understand the body is the home we live in, and we use a variety of movements to clean it out - an opening the windows of sorts.

You describe The Class as a “heart-clearing” experience. Can you talk to us a bit about what this looks like and how it plays into the ethos of The Class?

Throughout The Class, we come back to our bodies and feel the heart from both a physical and non-physical standpoint.  On a physical level, we will do a long cardiovascular move and then come to stillness, place the hands on the heart, feel it beating and actively recover it with our breath.  On a more subtle level, we acknowledge the difference between thought and feeling and tune in to how you are FEELING in the heart. After we create a fire and burn off some of the residue of life, we feel into the heart, the non-physical one, and sense what is going on in there in a new way.  

What experience do participants commonly leave with?

It would be hard to capture what each individual's ride through The Class is like, though many describe it as physically rewarding, clarifying and applicable to life outside of the studio. We are essentially practicing life in the room - what we are talking about in there relates to all experiences - so The Class stays with you, it is you.

How did the residency in Miami come to be? What are you most excited about in partnering with The Sacred Space?

I was first introduced to The Sacred Space because Jaycee Gossett, one of our founding teachers, was leading an event there.  Right after the event, I remember Jaycee calling me and telling me how this place was meant for The Class - the design and aesthetic, the intention - everything was so aligned with what we curate in our own work.   

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