The Wonder of Play


the wonder of play

with The Nomadic school of Wonder & Sefari

Jobi Manson and Nacho Arimany know that to heal hard, you need to play hard.

That’s why the two innovative teachers and healers chose Kona, Hawaii, as the location for their upcoming retreat, The Wonder of Play. Using their unique modalities—sound and movement for Nacho, and swimming with dolphins and water meditation for Jobi—the pair have crafted a six day experience that encourages deep healing and mindfulness … and having a good time while doing it. “Attendees will be guided on a sēfari inwards discovering what inspires their creativity, the power of play, and the hidden wonders that live inside us all,” Jobi tells us.

And no, we’re not going to brush over the fact that Jobi casually facilitates a healing experience for attendees through swimming with dolphins. It’s an incredibly rare opportunity, one that you can’t quite get anywhere else. “This adventure brings explorers eye to eye with the wild spinner dolphins native to the Hawaiian islands. There is no separation between human and animal, which creates an indescribable bond and connection.”

So, what does dolphin healing look like? Multiple free swim experiences in the ocean, meditation on the water, and participating harmoniously as part of the pod. “We play together, explore the ourselves as water beings, and learn new ways to tap into our creative minds,” Jobi says.

We sat down with Jobi to learn a little more about her methods, how dolphins are natural healers, and more about what to expect from the retreat.


Is there symbology behind the dolphin?

I see dolphins as the stars of the sea. They illuminate the vast darkness and overwhelming power of the Oceans, with their playful grace and and transcendent intellgence. They are master navigators of an environment in constant flux.


What would you say to someone who's a bit timid about swimming in the sea?

The Ocean was our first home, every living organism on the planet has evolved from water. The saying, “water is life” is a literal metaphor for our existence.  That said, it is very normal to have fears around something as powerful as the water. Skilled explorers, ALWAYS place safety as the number one priority, and this experience will be guided in such a manor. I would also say, that it is waters' nature to penetrate and dissolve even the most solid of things, including our fears. The key is always to proceed slowly, at one’s own pace with caution and respect for the environment as well as personal comfort level.



In your opinion, what's the biggest lesson you've learned from these beautiful animals?  

The dolphins teach me how to live, they demonstrate the beauty and gift of what it is to be alive and IN joy.


What do you wish more people knew about?

I wish more people knew how to accept themselves and live in harmony with the environment and one another.


What are you curious about?

I am curious about everything.


What's your current mantra?

Be water.

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