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4 ways to lessen your environmental impact…& ecoanxiety

with Rich Roll


If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the very real impacts of climate change, we feel you. Turns out this is a phenomenon so big these days it now has a psychological term: ecoanxiety. And like any other type of anxiety, it can stop you in your tracks. The issue, of course, is that when we get paralyzed by fear, we can’t actually change anything. 

To help us combat this, we asked vegan ultra-endurance athlete, author, and renowned podcast host Rich Roll to walk us through four ways to lessen our personal environmental impact – and our ecoanxiety along the way. 

Find Rich’s guide below and join him and esteemed environmentalist and activist Paul Hawken in conversation for a live podcast event in Los Angeles on September 27 for more.

The Amazon is burning. The arctic is melting. Algal blooms are decimating ocean life. Species extinction accelerates as our soil degrades. Our global climate problems are urgent. They require big solutions. But change starts with personal responsibility. And there are simple things we can all do to make a difference. Here are but a few, supported by the work of pioneering environmental activist and ‘Drawdown’ author Paul Hawken, the special guest for my upcoming live event on September 27.



Eat a Plant-Rich Diet

Intensive animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector combined. By adopting a plant-centric diet, you opt out of this deleterious system. I’ve thrived as an athlete for over 12-years on a 100% plant-based diet. If I can do it, so can you.


Plant a Home Garden

The more self-sufficient we can become with respect to our food, the less reliant we are on the massive systems that our damaging the planet


Go Solar

The more we can put clean electricity production in the hands of households, the more we distance ourselves from ecologically damaging forms of energy


Go Human Powered!

Instead of driving to the store, ride your bike. Walk. Or opt for mass transit. If Greta Thunberg can take a sailboat across the Atlantic, surely we can be more mindful when it comes to reducing our daily fossil fuel consumption.


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