The “Eat, Pray, Love” Effect


When Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir, “Eat, Pray, Love,” was released in 2006, it catalyzed the wellness travel movement as we know it. Following the writer’s own emotional evolution, “Eat, Pray, Love” embraced the concept of getting lost to find oneself—it encouraged readers to go, be bold, and treat travel as a form of therapy.

Over a decade later, there are more solo looking for health-focused experiences than ever before. And Kori Zornes, founder of Revamp Retreats, knows that firsthand: “After attending my first retreat in the jungles of Costa Rica with David Wolfe, my life was changed and I could never go back. I finally stepped into my own power and had a mission and purpose to share with others. I ultimately wanted to give others the same transformational experience that I had, the one that forever changed my life. Revamp was born with a mission to truly transform lives and to give others the same opportunity I had six years prior - to find their own purpose, passion, and happiness in life.”

By stepping out of everyday life and into a whole new world, retreat have the opportunity to really catalyze change and evolution in their lives, says Zornes. “Sometimes in just one week, it feels like you've been through a year-long growth period.”

Revamp Retreats take place all over the world, and Zornes herself is based in Bali—a “truly magical” place.  “We put a lot of time into making sure each location and retreat center is truly special,” says Zornes. All the locations are hand selected by Revamp to best facilitate healing, growth, and transformation. “We want people to feel at home and comfortable, yet fully immersed in another culture,” she notes.  

Sometimes you don’t realize you’re stuck until you take a moment to breath—and Revamp Retreats offer attendants the opportunity to do just that. Keep scrolling to learn more about Zornes, what to expect on a Revamp experience, and where you should go next!  


How are Revamp Retreats different than other wellness immersion experiences out there?

It can be hard to find the right experience with so many options out there. We wanted to create a platform that people can fully trust.

What makes Revamp different is the team and teachers behind it. All of us are fully committed to a lifestyle of exploration and growth that enables us to hold space for others. We are also dedicated to connecting and supporting everyone that attends on a deeply personal level. We pretty much walk away from every retreat with a new family.

We are one of the most personal companies I know. I get on the phone with almost everyone that comes on our retreats. I want them to know we are here for them every step of the way.

At each retreat, we also volunteer with the local community and aim to leave each place better than we found it. If we can cultivate the energy around giving everyone and everything a purpose, it can ripple and make the world a better place to live in.


How can attendants expect to feel after attending a Revamp Retreat?

We go through a lot during each retreat - tears, laughter, inspiration, and vulnerability. We provide the opportunity to dive deep, and people leave with a sense of empowerment for the next steps on their path.

We have had tons of attendees quit jobs they don't enjoy, heal relationships, move abroad, transition into wellness, or just tap into a greater sense of who they are.


What's something you wish people knew more about?

I wish more people knew that the universe is truly here to support you on their path. I think we live in a society where many of us are conditioned to do things that are not fully in alignment with what we want.

Ultimately, we are the creators of our own reality. We have the power to design the lives of our dreams, travel the world, start our own companies, give back to society, and find real connections.

I also want people to know that wherever they are in their lives right now, whether it's a moment of transition, healing, or growth, they are exactly where they are supposed to be, and there is so much more in store.


What's your current Mantra?

Life is short - travel far, connect deeply, and find your passion, no matter what it takes.

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