the reconnection

with dr. eric pearl + jillian fleer

We give our energy to friends, to family, to our feeds, to the news cycle, to the chaos of urban living. We want to help, we want to heal, we want to give ourselves over to our loved ones and to the world. Over time, though, all of this energy loss is bound to lessen our sense of connection with our true self – our Whole self, as Dr. Eric Pearl might put it.

A chiropractor turned energy master, Dr. Pearl found one day that just holding his hands near a patient radically transformed and healed them physically so he went in search of the science behind his newborn power. What he found? An entire method of energy healing – backed by science – that requires no ritual or complex technique that he called simply Reconnective Healing®.

“A return to Wholeness,” Reconnective Healing is known to produce mesmerizing physical sensations in addition to leaving a lasting imprint on the emotional and spiritual state leading to massive manifestations.

A replenishing abundance of energy from a simple hovering of hands? Obviously, we’re intrigued. So, we caught up with Dr. Pearl to tell us more about what sets Reconnective Healing apart, how he convinces skeptics, and his upcoming immersion weekend in Palm Springs.


What can guests expect at the Palm Springs event next month?

You will learn an approach to healing that will last your entire lifetime, give you the ability to heal and help others as well as yourself and become part of the fastest growing community of scientifically supported healers on the planet. You will learn self-healing as well as how to heal others including distance healing and holographic healing. You will be able to experience peace, wholeness, awareness and well-being beyond the level of master meditators… and have the potential to become a professional Reconnective Healing practitioner if you choose. And you will learn all of this under the direct guidance of Dr. Eric Pearl and his partner, Jillian Fleer.

Energy healing seems to be making a big foray into mainstream culture. What sets Reconnective Healing ® apart from modalities and techniques?

Reconnective Healing is neither a technique nor a modality. It transcends technique entirely and has no complicated steps or rituals. It accesses the all-encompassing bandwidth of Energy, Light & Information known today in science as the Reconnective Healing Frequencies and brings us the gifts of all known energy healing techniques - whether we’ve studied or experienced any of them! And once you experience Reconnective Healing, you often find yourself surprisingly forwarded onto you life path, a very rapid and exciting evolution into your life progress accelerating and enhancing your relationships and your career as well as prosperity, abundance and, yes, even love in your life.

When one hears that they will be "reconnected" via this new approach, what can they expect to feel?

What can they expect to feel? Why limit it to kinesthetic feeling? I can give you a litany of physical experiences you may have as you interact with the Reconnective Healing frequencies, sensations such as floating or sinking, coolness or warmth, mixed sensations such as hot, cold, wet and dry, all simultaneously, a lovely tingling, and an exquisitely magical feeling of being massaged, maybe from the inside out. You may notice parts of your body disappearing and other parts moving on their own. You may feel a comforting hand resting gently on your forehead, shoulder or other area of your body, a gentle, reassuring caressing, or something akin to a feather lightly stroking your arm. You may feel yourself expanding and becoming more, a lightness, an inexplicable state of instant relaxation combined with an awareness of everything. Often people feel themselves rising out of their bodies, floating above the room or being in other places simultaneously. And yet all of this can’t even broach the spectrum of physical manifestation. As well there are amazing emotional feelings, experiencing a sense of love far beyond anything people say they’ve ever known… And visually? You may see visuals often described as people, angels, beings, guides… and often people you’ve known or loved. You see from perspectives you’ve not previously experienced, you may find yourself on multidimensional planes. You may well see colors you’ve never seen, hear sounds that will take them into other planes of existence and awareness, notice fragrances that are beautifully familiar... yet unfamiliar at the same time. And tastes? You may well discover flavors and tastes that defy description. And all of this is just the beginning because, without us even recognizing it at first, our senses cross into what I call transcendsory awareness and we leave behind the world of the “known” or “accepted” limitations of what we’ve considered up until now to be our basic five senses. You begin to feel color, smell light, see sound, taste pictures… your senses cross in endless and rivetingly fascinating ways.

What would you tell someone who doubts the power of energy work?

This compelling Reconnective Healing Intelligence doesn’t really care whether we believe in it or not. It just… is. So my suggestion is that we allow it the opportunity to demonstrate itself, to stand or fall on its own. You see, in science, a true skeptic is one who enters into a situation without a preconceived opinion as to the efficacy or the result of something one way or the other. I can’t, nor will I try to, convince someone one way or the other about Reconnective Healing. All I can do is share my truth, my story of my experience with it. It’s up to that person to glean from it what they will, to perceive of it what they can. Of course often I tilt the scales a little… I ask them to hold their hand out in front of them, fingers open, and we watch as I let them feel it in their hands. And usually once they do, their fingers go into strong, continuous and involuntary movements. And we watch. We simply notice and observe together. And then I ask them “Are you moving your fingers… or are your fingers moving themselves?” The answer, almost inevitably, is that their fingers are moving themselves. Then suddenly the doubt seems to fall away only to be replaced by healthy, honest interest and curiosity. And what more can you ask for than that?

What would you tell someone who doubts their own ability to heal themselves?

I would suggest that you try less and, instead, allow for the potential Reconnective Healing to show itself. Attach less to results… and, instead, let the excitement of the unknown reveal itself. Release expectation and, in its place, open up to expectancy. And, in doing so, you are entering into the powerful beginning of your own self-healing, you are letting go and opening up to the dynamic potential of what Reconnective Healing can bring about… a healed, evolved and transformed new you!

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