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“After giving birth, for the second time, I learned there is no one way to birth, just as there is no one way to hold space for the inner shifts and insights a woman experiences through her initiation into motherhood,” explains Paula Mallis, founder of WMN SPACE, a conscious community space located in Culver City that serves women in their healing process.

While WMN SPACE has solidified itself as the go-to healing center in LA for women to connect, Mallis has also become a powerful force within the wellness community. Her in-person New and Full Moon Circles are usually sold out (snag a ticket—fast—to see why),  and recently she began offering Doula Counseling. “While opening myself up to this new way of being, a reemergence to be of loving service inspired Doula Counseling; to be not only for the woman who is currently pregnant and preparing for birth, but holding space for all a woman goes through, specific to abortion, stillbirth, miscarriage, conscious conception, pregnancy, and motherhood,” she explains.

You don’t need to be pregnant or even thinking about trying to have kids right-this-instant in order to benefit from Doula Counseling. Really, the sessions are meant to support women in their feminine journey, as they perhaps travel towards motherhood—or maybe decide that isn’t their intended path. “I wish that women would be more open to the fearlessness of their experiences that allow us to call ourselves WOMAN.”

We sat down with Paula to learn more about womanhood, Doula Counseling, and what it’s like to manifest a baby. Keep scrolling to read the full scoop.

Tell us a little about conscious conception—is that something women who are having trouble conceiving take part in, or is it for everyone?

Conscious Conception is for every woman, at any point of their journey. When offered on a group level, women are able to honor their ability to “birth” and create on all levels (be it a new business or a book etc.). When offered one-on-one as Doula Counseling, I hold space for women (and their partners) through their individual journey, honoring their desire to conceive.

In your opinion, how much do setting intentions and manifestation play a role in bringing a soul earthside?

It plays a roll in everything! Intention setting is a pivotal part of the guided process in the conscious conception session of Doula Counseling. I create a space for the woman (and partner) to invite them to bring forward the awareness and the opportunity to commune with the soul of their baby prior to its entry earthside.

It sounds like doulas play a role in the end-to-end birth process—what role do they play in the event of loss?

Birth cannot exist without acknowledging death and vice versa. Honoring the cycle of both—birth and death—provides a safe and healing space for the woman to share her experience of grief and loss.

What's your favorite aspect of this offering?

I love working one-on-one and working with women specifically. It is a gift to be of service and an honor to be a part of a woman’s healing journey.

What are you interested in learning more about?

It interests me to learn more and more about this process of supporting women. Every time I have the honor of sitting in the facilitator role of supporting a woman, I inwardly acknowledge the student within me who is learning through the process.

What's your current mantra?

"To thine own self, be true"

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