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What to Expect From This Weekend’s happening

When you say it out loud, it sort of sounds like a spell—the name conjures up images of a special, secreted away gathering, nestled into the hills of Topanga Canyon. MERCADO SAGRADO HAS BECOME AN ANNUAL CELEBRATION OF THE CANYON SPIRIT IN LA, WHERE PEOPLE OF ALL KINDS CAN GATHER TO EXPERIENCE A RANGE OF HEALING, HOLISTIC, AND ALTERNATIVE MODALITIES.

“The experience is something of a joyous annual reunion—it’s what it has become for me. It really feels like a sort of extended family and in that, it’s really evolved organically,” explains Heather Culp, co-founder and producer of Mercado Sagrado.

After living in “an Earthship in the mountains” about Taos and then relocating to Topanga, Culp found herself craving a community that supported her and shared her love of all things wellness,  creative, esoteric, and beyond. “I was a seeker of sorts, reading people such as Barbara Brennan, Carolyn Myss and Helena Blavatsky as a teenager along with any other occult or spiritual literature I could find. I often went solo to various classes, events or lectures on topics such as psychic development, herbalism, magick —once a meditation with one of the alleged 12 Mayan Crystal Skulls. I loved exploring these subjects but I really wanted to bring some of these experiences to friends who were curious but wouldn’t seek them out.”

So, Mercado was born. Five years later, people now look forward to the Mercado Sagrado weekend all year long. “I think in the world of online everything, people are really craving authentic, in-person, connection —to each other and to the earth and in a way that’s all the event is about,” explains Culp.

We sat down with Heather to learn more about Mercado’s vast offerings, how to navigate the weekend best, and what the vibe will be like this year. Keep scrolling to learn more!


What are you most excited about this next Mercado?

Botanical Dimensions founder Kathleen Harrison (the wife of the late Terrence McKenna!) is giving a talk I’m really excited about—The Roots of Plant Ritual: Respectfully Weaving the Personal, the Archetypal and Cultural.
There are a number of amazing workshops I want to attend:

  • intuitive and flower essence practitioner, Amanda Ackerman’s, “Earth Based Antidotes to Mind Control”

  • Alessandro Gianetti’s, “Financial Mastery” on the frequencies of abundance

  • Mafalda Pine Leite’s “Healing Foods & Herbs to Support Your Nervous System,”

  • and “Introduction to Mediumship” with Eliza Swann, to name just a few!

I’m also excited to get an acupuncture session from Shiela Woodford and a tarot + numerology reading from White Feather.

If you had to give Mercado an astrological sign, what sign would it be and why?

Gemini —social, adventurous, fun, flexible and fast-paced — into new experiences and the exchange of information and ideas.

What inspires you?

People making magic, the ones who are really living their dreams. Their joy is infectious and whatever they’re doing becomes so inspiring. Derek Hynd comes to mind, but he’s just one of so many I’ve been lucky to know because of Mercado Sagrado.

What's your current mantra?

Be kind.