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with Rachelle Robinett

In a world of vitamin IV drips, workout mirrors, and smart mattresses, there’s something Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner Rachelle Robinett wants to make clear: “The basics can be enough.”

“Eating more plants, using simple herbal remedies, seeing more daylight, drinking good water ... living a plant-based life can be so rewarding. And… so simple.”

Nature’s simple medicines have been the backbone for Robinett’s work with individual clients and at her herbal café Supernatural for years. Now, she’s hoping to further return these plants to their glory by making them as accessible, straightforward, and effective as possible – for as many people as possible.

It’s no small feat, but with her new line of (absolutely stunning) herbal chews called HRBLS, she’s doing just that. We sat down with her to talk all things HRBLS, plant allies, and the immense value of simple medicines.


Your commitment to keeping HRBLS as organic, environmentally sustainable, and accessible for all dietary types while remaining potent in their medicine is nothing short of admirable. Can you tell us a bit more about the ethos behind HRBLS?

My first intention with HRBLS is to make herbs accessible. After years of working with clients, and also with herbal product companies, I've seen people's real desire for herbs in forms that are easy to use without sacrificing strength or efficacy. Tinctures are confusing for lots of folks, teas can be time-consuming to prepare, and powdered herbs are seen as requiring a special recipe for mixing.

HRBLS are herbal remedies in a form we're all familiar with: food! The ingredients are all real, whole, and natural. Given how huge food quality and perfect ingredients are for me, I couldn't compromise on anything less than the best. It wasn't easy making HRBLS potent (they're little!) but we did it. They truly are a functional food. And, an herbal remedy. And, pretty. ;)

How did you get your start in the world of plant medicine?

I grew up surrounded by plants (on a farm) though never thought it would be my full-time life. I ran away from the fields to work in fashion in New York! But after several years, I realized it was in my spirit and blood to be using nature for health. Personally, I've been studying it my whole life – from traditional medicine systems from around the world to spirituality, physical and mental performance enhancement, and overall lifestyle balance. When enough people asked me to share what I knew, it became my business.

What's one thing you wish people knew more about when it comes to herbal medicine?

I talk a lot about "common" plants and herbs. They're my favorite! In addition to being more affordable and easy to find, they tend to be more environmentally gentle, and are just as powerful. For the same reasons that good old-fashioned vegetables are great food medicine, HRBLS include herbs that are effective, but not exotic. They're meant to blur the line between food and herbal supplements because ultimately, we're talking about plants.

One of the main ingredients in this first flavor of HRBLS is lavender. Lavender is so well-known that it's often disregarded as boring or basic or weak. Yet, it's none of those things. One of my wellness-savvy friends recently mentioned that lavender could give CBD a run for its money (as a stress relief, mood support, feel-better-overall product). I would love to see that happen.

Why is Nerve Less your first offering? What about our world now calls for such a remedy?

Nerve Less is first because stress and anxiety are the most common complaints that clients and cafe visitors come to me with, by far. Stress relieving teas, sleep supports, and anxiety reducing herbs are the blends that I mix up for people most frequently. I took the best recipe I have that can work for the most people while still being accessible and sustainable and put it into HRBLS Nerve Less.

Our world is wild, yes. But our response to the ups and downs matters so much. I hope that HRBLS support people in reacting with more grace, peace, and ease - knowing that they have some plant allies in their pocket.

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