Making of a Mother


making of a mother


As we bask in the glow of Earth Day – a time when it finally becomes cool to sing our collective Mother’s praises – it’s a fabulous time to also celebrate exactly what it means to be a mother and to explore how we can give the best of our divine feminine to our children, to the world, and to ourselves.

After all, whether you’re tending to a dog, a plant, a child, or yourself, motherhood is an experience we can all choose to have. Being a mother isn’t all about who you’re taking care of, but about the energy and attention you bring to nurturing a soul – yours or another.

Will you show up consistently for yourself or another? Can you ask the tough questions and show tenderness? Are you willing to be graceful in your words actions? How will you let your creative and intuitive capabilities flourish to lead a more heart-centered life?

New mother and experienced Kundalini yogini Jen Frasher has some tips to help you on this path. Whether you’re trying to conceive, a new mom yourself, work as a doula or midwife, or even just want to learn more about what it means to nurture yourself, Jen’s insights about the sacred lessons of motherhood are sure to inspire. Read more about Jen’s path below and join her in New York this weekend for her Making of a Mother workshop.


Expect an enlightening discussion about these rare pregnancy teachings that will encourage a more conscious way of conceiving and raising a child, followed by a meditation for women to step into their creative power and call on the divine feminine...expect community, laughter and the presence of powerful women coming together to create a new reality.

How do you think we can apply these techniques for mothering to nurturing ourselves?   

I think we nurture ourselves by being vigilant about our surroundings, what we choose to focus on, and [what we choose to] think about, knowing that every thought we have creates a vibration that is passed down to our children. When you’re cleaning house for your baby you’re also cleaning house for yourself.

How does your background in Kundalini inform your mothering?

By keeping my grace. Grace is a big women’s teaching in kundalini yoga. Keeping your Grace means you keep your temper, your patience, your smile and your understanding. When a woman remains graceful in her words, thoughts and actions she masters the whole world and the whole world will bow to her command. It makes mothering much easier!

Whether new mothers, those trying to conceive, doulas, or midwives, what is the biggest message you want people to take away from this event?  

Children are our future. In order to create an awakened humanity we must create awakened children. In order to create awakened children we must remind women that they hold the power to create a new generation. There is a great Yogi Bhajan quote:

When a man falls a person falls. When a woman falls, a generation falls.

Tell us about the most sacred experience you've shared with your child.

It is impossible to describe the most sacred experience with my child as she is changing every day and each and every moment is sacred! I know that sounds like a new mother cliche but she shows me that the little things in life really are the most sacred.

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