Translating Energetic Lunations

The memes about Full Moon energy are strong—but is the vibe in the air really as crazy as everyone on your Instagram feed seems to think?

Julie Hovsepian, energy healer at In a Golden State, and crystal healer Mariah Lyons agree that the Full Moon vibes are intense … but there isn’t a hard and fast rule around how you should feel when La Luna hangs high in the sky. That’s why the two banded together to begin their Full Moon Gatherings, to bring men and women together in community to process and understand the feelings that come up during the lunar cycle.

Because as it turns out, it’s all about energy. Julie graciously sat down with us to talk a little more about how lunar energy can affect us, what to expect during a full moon gathering, and how to protect your own vibes when it feels like everyone else around you is being a low-key lunatic. Read on!



What can attendants expect from your Full Moon Gathering?

I have been collaborating on these really fun Moon events with one of my dearest friends—crystal healer and founder of Astara (and so much more!), Mariah Lyons—since last year and we love the magic that’s created in each one. We very intentionally create each one to be a different experience—the creative part of it really fuels me and it’s great to see how each time the theme is always relevant to what everyone is going through.  We realize the massive need for community, especially with people that are aligned with each other. It is so necessary in a city like LA (my hometown!), and we get to witness how much people get out of these by gathering in spaces that we feel are special.

For the gathering with Love Yoga Venice on August 26th, guests can expect to really understand this moon’s energy from Mariah, and we will both talk about how very specifically we can use it to our benefit to move forward.  We will have a beautiful crystal reading she will lead, where each guest gets to take a hand-picked crystal home. I will end the ceremony with a very unique soul karma healing where we are going to go deep in moving through energies that have been holding us back, while we continue to do the work but feel stuck. It all takes place through a meditative guided visual experience.  We are also excited that this specific event is open to everyone, as the full moon events we have held so far were women only, but we have been feeling the huge need for this with men in our community as well and are excited to invite them to join.


Do your clients typically feel a certain way during Full moon time? What's normal or typical?

There isn’t a “normal" with the energies of the planets and the moon cycles as it completely affects everyone based on their own sensitivity to energy.  There are some people who don’t feel it affect their lives at all while others feel it very heavily.

The full moon intensifies energy. It amplifies emotions and reflections, so having an awareness of it is huge. The key is to observe how you are affected by it, and then to learn how to work with it instead of feeling like it’s working against you in any way (same as planets in retrograde).


What goes down in your energy work sessions?

My private sessions are typically 90-minutes long and they start with an intuitive discussion based on what the client is trying to accomplish and end with an energy healing that helps them move through the situation. For example, clients might want to release trauma that’s causing health or emotional issues, connect to their soul purpose, or boost their energies to feel more aligned.  

My ability allows me to tap into energies anywhere so the work is just as effective distance as it is in-person. My goal is to always empower people with tools to help navigate and live their best life.  Everyone has to be willing to do the work in order to see real change.

I also lead a few public group energy healing classes at the School of Guided Light Healing where people can join weekly in studio or via livestream.  You can check out all my events and weekly classes here.


What would you say to someone who's skeptical about all this stuff?

I would say to just be open to learning about how this work can help you. I also always encourage everyone to use their intuition, no matter what level they are at with it, to get a vibe on what feels right for them.

The energy work always speaks for itself, as you should always feel better from each session. I was taught by an incredible master healer named Alessandro Giannetti  who has been doing this since childhood and instructed us how to ensure we are connecting to the highest forms of light energy, and knowing the difference otherwise. It’s so key to ensure that the energy work you do with anyone is with the right intention and comes from pure light.


How do you clear or defend your own energy?

It’s really important in doing this work to know when your energy is yours or when you have taken on another’s energies.  That was one of the very first things I learned and one key way to remain pure and clean through this work as we help others through their journey.  I have an energetic shield that I have created for myself that I use on myself and my clients. I am also very sensitive to any heavy energies that ever come near me so I am good about clearing them instantly.  

In terms of everyday practices, I encourage people to really assess who in their immediate circles lifts them up and is supportive and who is draining and toxic. It’s really important to learn to create boundaries so that you move through life from your highest vibration.  Energetic cord cutting is a big part of my practice and one that many clients often seek from energies that aren’t serving them anymore, regardless of if they are currently in their life or no longer. Intention also goes a long way so, even as simple as that seems, intending to protect yourself from energies will be helpful on many levels.


What is your current mantra?

I've always loved the saying "feeling golden”, especially as an Angeleno.

For me, living in a golden state is living in your light. The more you shine from the inside out, the more you are able to help others around you shine. The more we're able to raise the vibes of everyone around us, the more we're able to affect major change together.




Kiki Falconer