5 Practices to Shift Your Patterns

This week, we’re joined by Kori Zornes, the Founder of Revamp Retreats who’s sharing her tried and true intentional tips for shifting your life. The leader of dozens of intentional retreats each year, Kori knows a thing or two about shaking people out of their patterns and into their bliss. Read on for her tips and check out all of Revamp’s upcoming retreats here.


5 Practices to Shift Your Patterns

with Kori Zornes


I live my dream life - it is full of purpose, excitement, growth, and running a company that I put my heart and soul into. And guess what, I am just like you

It was a journey to get here. I had to quit my 9 to 5, move past my fear and self-doubt, have my parents think I was crazy, and at times think I was a bit crazy myself!

But I was fully committed with every cell in my body. I took the leap, and so can you. Now I spend my life traveling the world running Revamp Retreats and am filled with gratitude and passion for what I do.

Throughout my years of wins, failures, and learnings, these are the 5 elements that helped me shift my life:


Community & Collaboration

Surround yourself with others who do what you want to do and learn from them. Once you find your community, collaborate with them. If you help others move forward, you will too.


Flow State

Find your highest passion and excitement and let that guide you in every moment. If you are aligned with your purpose and do everything in your power to follow that direction, the smaller details will always fall into place.


10 Year Meditation

Close your eyes, and take a couple deep breaths. Watch the time fly by until you are 10 years into the future. What does a day in your life look like? Journal down your vision. What do you need to do now so you can start creating that life?


Abundance & Money Mindset

Take a look at any blocks with abundance or money and go back into your past to see where those stem from. Start to realize what are your own fears and what was picked up from others. Get really clear on what you want to bring in and write it down everyday.



Invest in a coach to hold you accountable for the vision you want to create for yourself. Find someone who is a genius in your field or has skills you want to learn. If you can’t afford a coach, invest in on-line programs or find an accountability partner.

I support and commend you on creating your dream life and I hope to meet you on a retreat! 

Kori Zornes

Founder, Revamp Retreats


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