Breath of Fire


“Just breathe.”

It’s one of the first directives given to someone who’s gone through a trauma. We lose control of our breath when we’re scared, in pain, confused, stressed—and coming back to the breath can bring us back to sanity.

Keith Mitchell understands the power of breath. A linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, Mitchell’s life was dramatically altered with a mid-game spinal injury left him partially paralyzed. In an instant, his hard-earned career was gone—and his life was changed forever.

Dramatic, yes. But Keith’s injury brought him a new awareness: “In a world where people live unconsciously, we have to be conscious in our bodies.” A physical therapist introduced him to mindful breathing, which dramatically shifted his condition.

Keith dove headfirst into the world of meditation and pranayama—”Breathing and movement are the core principles of yoga. They allow me to feel strong,” he says. Now, spends his time traveling the world teaching yoga, meditation, and mindful breathing.



“My mission is to transform lives & empower people. But, my purpose is ever expanding. Change is life. I never want to be at a standstill because life stops when you stop!"


What’s your daily ritual?

Everyday: move and breathe.


What nourishes you?

High vibrational foods. You don’t put diesel in a Ferrari.


What brings you joy?

I simply allow joy to be & get over myself, allow myself to play



What keeps you grounded?

“Reality” and family


What can’t you live without?



What are you listening to right now?

Childish Gambino


What’s your mantra?

“I got this.”