To be holistically healthy means, in the simplest terms, to care for our minds, bodies, and energies as a single unit. This means we understand how our mind affects our body, how our energy affects our mind, and so on. And, when applied to our communities, being holsitically healthy means we recognize how our own personal health affects the collective.

This connection is pretty easy to comprehend – just think about the last time you were physically sick and what a damper that put on your mind, energy, and connections with others. But, as we know all too well, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to achieve. Factors like time (for exercise, meal prep, or searching for new practices), access (whether to healthful food or helpful healers), and money (let’s be real, all this health can get pricey!) can greatly impede our ability to be our healthiest selves.

Cue why we’re so excited about Holisticism! Founded by Michelle Pellizzon, Holisticism is a platform that allows you to book online appointments with practitioners, totally removing geographical access issues from the picture. With sliding-scale events and a curated selection of healers to choose from, they’re also helping us out majorly with the whole time and money issues, too. Basically, they’re making holistic health holistically accessible and we couldn’t be more down.

Below, Michelle gives us the rundown of Holisticism and her next virtual event – learning about spatial energetics while in your own space?


Tell us about Holisticism!
At Holisticism, our goal is to make wellness more accessible to more people. We do that 2 ways — by creating accessible content like our free newsletter  and our sliding-scale priced events, and by helping wellness practitioners provide virtual appointments to their clients.

We figure the two things that get in the way of people seeing wellness practitioners are money and geography — so, if we can lower the costs to events and appointments by bringing them online, it's a win-win for everyone.

Why is it important to you that people have access to these practitioners and their offerings virtually?

When I was 17, I was diagnosed with a serious neurological disease. I was told I'd be on medication for the rest of my life, and that I'd be very sick ... and I was. Four years after my diagnosis, I went and saw a holistic wellness practitioner sort of as a last resort — and after one session with them, I never had another seizure again (yaaaay!). But here's the thing — I was living in NYC, and I happened to know someone who happened to know the person who helped me. It seemed like it was way too hard to get access to amazing healers; I couldn't help but think, "If I'm having this much trouble in NYC, what does someone in Texas or Florida or Idaho do?"

We don't think about it enough, but geography deeply impacts accessibility. If most wellness-focused culture is in places like LA or NYC, that doesn't leave many options for the majority of people. By bringing wellness into the virtual space — with virtual events, and virtual 1-1 appointments — we're jumping over that barrier of inaccessibility for a lot of people. Anyone with a phone and a wifi connection can tune in and start working on themselves, if they want.

Now tell me a bit about this upcoming event with Dany D'Andrea?

OMG, I'm so excited about it I can't even tell you! Dany is an intuitive space planner, and she uses energetics and feng shui to help people reorganize their spaces to change their energy for the better. Basically, the stuff you have in your apartment / office / witch cave holds energetic weight — could be good, could be bad. And, the way you organize those energy bodies affects things, too. Depending on your goals or what you're trying to invite into your life (faster manifestations, abundance, love, energy, health, etc.) you can set up your space to amplify that movement.

Our virtual event with Dany will be awesome because ANYONE can attend because it's virtual, and you'll be able to ask her questions in real time about your space. In fact, she'll even get to see your home!

As a connoisseur of healing modalities, why do you think it's important for people to do energy work?

Energetic hygiene is super important, and I think something that most people forget about. Our energy speaks before we ever do! And if you want to get a little less esoteric, we store emotions and trauma in our bodies. (Check out the book, "When the Body Keeps Score" for more on this) Sometimes, we can't move past those emotions and traumas simply through talk therapy — we need something a little more to physically rid ourselves of those charged feelings. Energy work is great for that, because "energy work" is a super broad term. I mean, working out is *technically* energy work. Tai chi and qi gong are energy work. Reiki is energy work! Getting a massage is energy work! Do what works for you.

Where's your happiest, most energetically abundant space? What do you do there?

I'm happiest with less things, clean lines, good books, and plants. It helps me write, think, and become more creative.

What’s on the horizon?

We have a whole season of virtual events coming up, including one called "Intelligent Authenticity and Connection with Myers-Briggs and Other Spiritual Teachings"; which is gonna be amazing!!!

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