Holistic Commerce


We talk a lot in conscious circles about being aware of what we consume. We do our best to eat clean and avoid processed foods. We consider what shows we watch, accounts we follow, and articles we read. We know that these things all influence our personal energy fields and, once added up, influence the collective.

But how often do we consider the things we buy? Do we support local businesses as much as we’d like to? Are we considering the impact of our purchases on the environment, on our community, on ourselves?

We were lucky to sit down with Camille Leon, founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, to share her insights about how we can all be more conscious consumers.


Tell us about the Holistic Chamber of Commerce

We are a business organization for all types of holistically-minded professionals, practitioners and business owners. We make connections to more mainstream consumers through our online member directory and support business-building efforts through a network of live, local chapters and other resources.

What inspired you to create it?

Initially, it was because my co-workers in downtown Los Angeles didn't understand why I was looking for an Acupuncturist and couldn't help me find one. Then, when I gave a referral to a Chiropractor and he said he was too busy for any new patients, I realized that passion-focused professionals could use support for learning how to build their businesses.

How do you support businesses and business owners?

Three ways: We showcase them in our online member directory so that mainstream consumers can find them more easily and give them a booster shot for their SEO. We talk about holistic approaches to building successful businesses and connect with each other online and through our network of chapters. We offer discounts and good deals for saving money, saving time and increasing overall income!

What does conscious consumption mean to you?

It means being aware of the purchasing choices I make, whether I'm shopping for myself or my business. It means considering and balancing both short-term results (can I pay the bills?) with long-term consequences (will it do irreparable damage to the environment or another person?)

How can we be more conscious consumers in our daily lives?

We start by being aware and taking a variety of factors into consideration. We ask ourselves, "Is there healthier way?" We do our best to be fair all the way around... to ourselves and others.

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