the essence of plants

herbal power with goldthread & david crow


What do you get when you mix two master herbalists, some freshly foraged plants, and an ultra-fragrant breathwork sesh? A day plant-powered dreams are made of with Goldthread Herbs.

In tandem with botanical expert and pioneer of grassroots healthcare David Crow, Goldthread’s founder William Siff will lead this daylong Essential Oil distillation workshop aimed at not only immersing guests in plants, but also teaching them about the multitude of ways in which they can incorporate these practices into their lives.

Besides the incredible nuggets of wisdom sure to be gained, Siff is especially excited to expose everyone to the “special kind of bonding that happens when plants are at the center of a gathering.” When we spend time with the plants – gathering them, ingesting them, and, in this case, distilling them – Siff believes, we refine more than just plant matter. We refine ourselves. We distill our lives  down to the essentials: presence, connection with nature, and heart-centered awareness. “The biggest takeaway,” he confirms, “will be how refreshed and happy people feel, in their bodies and in their hearts.”

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We love that this event includes plant tonics, working with plants, and a plant-based lunch. Why is it important to you to include all of these elements?

We created this workshop with the intention of giving everyone a completely immersive experience with plants. Nothing makes you feel more grounded and uplifted and absolutely harmonized in your body than spending a day saturated with plants. We’ll be drinking fresh tonics, like strawberry shatavari smoothies, frankincense elixirs and blue chamomile spearmint spritzers, while we get our hands in the plants and engage in the timeless ritual of readying them for the alchemy of distillation. There’s nothing like being enveloped in a cloud of fragrance from the plants as they are prepared. We’ll take full advantage of this with a special breathwork session, and follow it with a chef prepared, plant-based lunch. With all our senses saturated with the plants, there will be plenty of context and discussion to ensure that all the impressions of the day become indispensable wellness practices to take home.

Tell us about your favorite of the plants guests will be working with at the event!

This event is about connecting with plants, and we’re especially excited to be including local botanical treasures growing all through the Santa Monica mountains. We’re distilling freshly harvested sage brush to connect with the nature all around us and recognize the many dimensions of healing to be found there. Building on the theme of the healing power of our local plants, the plant-based lunch will feature veggies and herbs from the farmer’s market, and everyone will be taking home a hydrosol from the day’s distillation.


We've heard that you and David go way back – can you tell us a bit about your friendship and how you've worked together before?

I read David’s book, In Search of the Medicine Buddha, years ago and felt an immediate resonance with his relationship to the plants and medicine. When we met, he was also pretty excited about what I was into with Goldthread and the grassroots health revolution. Our mutual love of plants brought us together, and we discovered we had very similar missions and beliefs about the role of plants in both individual and planetary health. We’re very excited for the reunion and the chance to build on what we created together!

What's something people are usually surprised to learn about essential oil distillation?

One of the amazing things about essential oil distillation is how much plant material it takes to get even a very small amount of essential oil. A few drops of Rose oil for example requires about 100 roses. The great thing is that hydrosol, the secondary product of distillation, is very abundant and is also a powerful and lovely medicine. You can use hydrosols in cooking, in self-care, to freshen and cleanse spaces, to soothe skin, and so much more. We’ll get a couple of gallons of the hydrosol from this distillation.

What's the biggest takeaway you want people to leave this event with?

There are almost too many takeaways to list! One of the most powerful will be the connections that are created among the group. There is a special kind of bonding that happens when plants are at the center of a gathering. We’re naturally very present when working with plants, and technology tends to take a back seat to real connection and in-the-moment experience. The biggest takeaway will be how refreshed and happy people feel, in their bodies and in their hearts. And of course we’ll make sure everyone leaves with a clear understanding of how to activate this experience in their own lives.

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