Girl Gang Craft


Girl Gang Craft

with Pheobe Sherman


You’ve finally taken the leap and decided to embrace your creative dreams.  You’ve made a bunch of beautiful things. You’ve sold a couple here and there but now you want to be seen in front of hundreds, thousands even. What do you do? Where do you turn?

Enter: Girl Gang Craft. Founded by Phoebe Sherman in 2017, Girl Gang Craft provides an inclusive and affordable space for blossoming artists to showcase their wares, find community, and get educated about the business-side of their work. With painters, printmakers, florists, jewelers, designers, energy workers, and more under one roof, it’s a perfect place to meet and commune with other creatives. And with workshops like Taxes as Self-Care and Navigating Creative Partnerships, cocktail hours, and panel discussions lined up, you’ll also get the chance to learn from the brightest in the biz. 

If you’re in the Oakland area, grab a ticket to GGC’s next fair on August 17 here. And, wherever you are, read our interview with Phoebe below for more creative inspiration!

Why did you create Girl Gang Craft – what need were you trying to fill?

When I started doing craft fairs [as an artist], it was hard to navigate. The craft fairs in the Bay Area were expensive to participate in and I wasn’t even getting accepted half the time.I wanted to create an event that was affordable and inclusive for artists that were just starting out. 

In August of 2017 I hosted a small craft fair at our friend’s cafe with just 15 female artists. It was hot! But the champagne was flowing and there was this sense of excitement in the air. Everyone who walked through those doors was stoked to be there.

Girl Gang Craft has expanded to not only create spaces for womxn-owned businesses, but now strives to elevate these businesses by providing resources to foster connection, inspiration, and skills to collect more revenue. GGC provides coaching, classes, online resources, design, and events to support entrepreneurs. 

What can people expect at the Oakland Small Biz Summit this August?

I wanted to create a place where it is OK to ask big-name artists the tough questions. To ask the creators that we admire and follow, how on earth they made it, or how they practice self-care, or how they deal with trolls, or how they find inspiration. A place where we can learn about the energy of money and abundance practices, or get down to the nitty gritty and learn about taxes. Not to mention a space to talk to each other, have a cocktail and talk fb ads or how to best fight the patriarchy.


Inclusion is really important to you as an organization. Can you talk a bit about what steps you're taking to make sure this event is accessible and inclusive?

Yes! Inclusion is absolutely important to us as an organization. We want to create a space for womxn, trans + non-binary creatives to THRIVE. We do also allow a limited number of allies into the space. We like to keep our booth prices low and offer scholarships to those in need. We offer scholarships for not only our booths at our markets, but our in-person and online workshops, and even our summit as well!

We also love to give the new makers and designers a chance to flourish! We encourage those makers who do not get accepted to our markets on the first try to keep trying, we love to see improvement and your continued motivation. Your business is a practice, and we love to watch your journey. 

What's next for GGC?

Girl Gang Craft is excited to announce we are expanding to Los Angeles! GGC will be hosting a 2 day Holiday Market at Grand Central Market in Downtown, Los Angeles November 9+10. Our Oakland Holiday Market will be December 14 at Oakland Scottish Rite. Applications for vending at these shows will open late August and will be available on our site. If you are interested in partnering with us please send us an email! 

Besides the Fall/Winter event schedule, GGC is aiming to offer a Branding Workshop online plus launch a podcast for 2020! Out podcast will aim to highlight creatives and entrepreneurs and give our audience insight into branding, marketing, creativity, and making. If you want to be in the know, please sign up for our newsletter! 

How do you want people to feel when they leave Small Biz Summit?

You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’ve connected with other creatives kicking ass? When you’re feeling so inspired that you can’t wait to run to your easel or notebook? THAT is the feeling we’re trying to cultivate here. 

It can be super isolating when you work from home, or work for yourself. A lot of times everyone around you has 9-5 jobs or doesn’t understand the creative thing, this summit will aim to foster connecting with local creatives + professionals. It will be educational, bring your notebook! But it will also be inspiring and fun! Our cocktail hour with DJ Ivy will be the cherry on top.

The long term benefits of continuously investing in your education and your network will really fuel your motivation to push your business to be the best it can be. Your community will expand, your relationship to your work will flourish, and your revenue will increase. What could be better than that?