Ecstatic Dance


ecstatic dance

no booze, no shoes, no judgement

Ecstatic Dance. Depending on your personality, those two words either get you super jazzed or make you balk in terror.

It’s funny—every culture has a history of dance. Dance as a spiritual exercise, as celebration, or as a form of communication. It’s as innate to us as speaking or walking. We’re born knowing how to move. But somewhere along the way, we become inhibited, scared, or embarrassed of dancing… despite how much joy it clearly brings us. (Ever found yourself letting loose on the wedding dance floor after a few too many glasses of champagne? Same.)

Atasiea and Robin Parrish of Ecstatic Dance LA understand that everyone has the joy of dance inside of them, but that sometimes it take a special situation to tease it out. Their bi-monthly event, Ecstatic Dance, attracts crowds of 200-plus people who want to dance to amazing music, connect with others in a judgement-free zone, enjoy healthy and healing food, and play without worry.

Ecstatic Dance is a sober, safe event—there’s no drinking, and no talking on the dance floor. You can feel comfortable rolling in with your friends, or hitting up Ecstatic Dance alone. You’re guaranteed to make a few friends, even if you don’t share a word with each other all night.

Curious about what goes down at an Ecstatic Dance event? Keep scrolling to hear straight from Atasiea and Robin.



Atasiea: Yes! An african proverb is: If you can talk you can sing. If you can walk you can dance.

Dance can be a way for people to bypass their minds and have a direct experience of transcendent states of consciousness that can only be described as “spiritual”. Dance Has been used for thousands of years by all indigenous cultures of the earth as a form of spiritual Communion.

Dance has helped me ground myself, discover a whole network of soul-family (spiritual family & chosen family ) It has changed the trajectory of my life’s work from being focused on the performative aspects of movement, to now being focused on the therapeutic .



ROBIN: It’s all about finding your own dance.

We each have such incredible individuality and that uniqueness has a dance all to itself. Let if flow in whatever way feels best to the body and suddenly you’ll find yourself dancing.   

Dance has helped me feel more connected to my body. I feel a greater sense of flow state both on and off the dance floor and a deeper understanding of the emotions I feel. I’ve also met an amazing community of incredible people all over the world.




no shoes, booze, talking, nor judgement on the dance floor. express yourself.have fun.



There’s no alcohol involved which can help create a positive sense of safety, intention and clarity in the energetic field. Safety and comfortability is very important at Ecstatic Dance. People get to feel like they can simply be themselves and move however they please without being judged or hit on etc. This is all about self-expression, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and those around you. No booze, no shoes and no chit-chat on the dance floor helps us keep it intentional. Amazing music helps us keep it all about Dance.



We can communicate consent with our body language. Tuning into our bodies helps us either open ourselves up physically and energetically to someone, or not. If you don’t want to be in a dance with someone or would like your space, place your hands into prayer position in front of your body, the gesture of ‘Namaste’. This is the universal way of saying ‘no’ at ecstatic dance, or ending any dance you are in, and reclaiming your own space.



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