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woke retreats with Ingrid Asoni

Retreat as a noun may conjure up images of sun-soaked Bali beaches, silent meditative sanctuaries, days filled with yoga and new friends. Pure ecstasy, pleasure, and fun!

As a verb, though, Retreat feels more...mysterious. To retreat means to hide away, to escape something, to withdraw entirely from a situation. Time to make a run for it, folks!

This got us thinking: Escapist pleasure, while serving a definite purpose, can leave a lot to be desired on the consciousness front. Where is the wisdom in running away? How can this kind of escape benefit us, our community, and our world as a whole?  

Enter Consciously Connected Travel! Focusing on Travel + Wellness with a purpose, founder Ingrid Asoni has created a series of retreats that not only encourage a good time, but also “armour you for reality” – you even get a post-retreat coach for continued self-development! “It isn’t about creating falsehoods or fairy tales,” Ingrid explains. “It’s about giving you the strength, tools and support that you need to be able to successfully navigate your world.”

Combined with a philanthropic arm that gives back to the host communities, the self-development aspect of Ingrid’s retreats makes for the ultimate in conscious travel, for you and for your community.

Tell us about Consciously Connected!

Consciously Connected focuses on Travel & Wellness with purpose. We craft, create & cultivate the most culturally rich & locally immersive travel and travel  experiences. Every time you travel with us – either through our Travel Design service, Culturally Connected experiences, or wellness activations, we donate a % to a local project, charity or community directly from our pockets & plant a tree to help combat your carbon footprint. This also allows you to track the growth of the tree and have each tree represent a specific destination and the memories that come with it.

We will be travelling to a number of handpicked destinations, from remote villages in India to forgotten towns in Japan, connecting with various customs and cultures and trying to communicate through visual storytelling how we want to support in connecting the world to the incredible people within it. Breaking cultural barriers to evoke a travel narrative by putting faces to places that we wish to discover. Putting a heart and soul back into travel, rather than focusing on trying to capture that perfect instagrammable shot. We know that this road may be a long one for us, but just like the brand, we believe in doing this consciously and building a solid foundation that will be here for years to come. We want to change the way people see the world and how they navigate within it.

Why is the philanthropy aspect so crucial for you?

We travel to so many destinations completely unaware of the difficulties some places or people within these countries are facing. We are often oblivious that our travel is actually affecting these destinations in a negative way or only see the beauty of a place but never really scratch the surface to the underbelly.

It really isn’t about making people feel guilty or having to convince someone to give back, because that is something that has to come from an authentic space. But creating organic opportunities of supporting those without a voice or with limited access based on our everyday actions or interests and what better way than to give back simply by doing something you love like travel? You don’t even realise that your trip has created a catalyst for change because we do everything behind the scenes. But in order for some of the places we love to continue to thrive and allow generations to continue to enjoy them, there needs to be people like us and the amazing philanthropic local projects and causes we work with, doing great things to ensure the country, its people and its landscape continues to flourish. The world and its people are incredible and philanthropy allows for those untold stories to be told.

Your retreats are all themed after some element of self development – self-care, self-acceptance, etc. What inspired you to organise them this way?

Personal experience. To be honest our retreats were born due to my personal journey, juggling life, work and everything in between but feeling totally lost. Health was depleting and the world seemed to be caving in on me. At the exact same time I had several friends all experiencing  similar things. So I pressed pause, packed my bags and for the first time ever, I put myself first. Fast forward 4 months in Asia and an incredible journey later, it becomes clear that there wasn’t really a well thought out space for women, a space that was cultivated depending on where you were in your life. What you felt was holding you back from creating your purpose. A generic retreat of yoga and meditation, detox and so on is great when you just need to rest and recalibrate. But if you are in need of something more, you find yourself at a precipice  or find yourself repeating the same cycle but unsure as to what is missing, or perhaps you are clear on what you need but need a supporting space to be at your most vulnerable in order to unlock your full potential. That is what our retreats create.


tracy harmoush

What can we expect from the Self-Care Retreat with Tracy Harmoush?

Our retreat with Tracy couldn’t be more perfectly timed. With incredible weather during June in Essaouira, we are taking everything outdoors. The self-care retreat is about pushing your mental limits, reconditioning your mind and changing your current personal narrative of “I can’t” or “I am unable” and realising that just taking the first step to start is good enough. An incredible space of self-care with panoramic hikes, surfing, SUP’ing, one-to-one classes with Tracy in developing your own personal self-care fitness and wellness practices, culturally connected experiences, destination immersion, sharing circles, alfresco mindful dining with our incredible private chef, a day discovering Marrakech and moroccan culture and customs, a safe space for being your most vulnerable self. We have an incredible program of fun, teamed with workshops and classes that support you in pushing past your mental or physical obstacles.