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clean market

with Lily Kunin


When Clean Market opened its doors in 2018, it became instantly beloved by celebrities and neighborhood folk alike. There’s a superfood cafe, a tonic bar, kombucha on tap, plus super curated clean beauty and wellness products to peruse. But what’s really put it on the map for every wellness-minded soul in the area is it’s spa menu that features cryotherapy, infrared sauna treatments, and even IV drips. In other words, it’s a one-stop shop for wellness and people are going crazy for it.

In a time with so much access to healing modalities ancient and modern, it only makes sense that these types of spaces would be so appealing. But we couldn’t help wondering: How can we integrate all of these practices and still remain clean, clear vessels for conscious living?

So, we went straight to the source. Meet Lily Kunin, holistic health coach and founder of Clean Market. Lily was kind enough to answer our questions about how she picks products and services for Clean Market, their exciting new pop up at Equinox, and why we should give biohacking a try.


HOw does your background in functional medicine influence what you choose to offer at Clean Market?

My training as a health coach and in functional medicine greatly impacted the experience at Clean Market - from clinically tested supplements on the shelf, to delicious, organic menu items balanced with healthy fats, proteins, and greens, and all of the services we offer (IV drips, infrared saunas, and cryotherapy). Everything at Clean Market works synergistically to support overall health and well being.  

Tell us about your favorite of the treatments being offered at the Project by Equinox event?

I love our signature NutriCleanse IV drip, which is my go-to to energize and refresh, whether I’m feeling run down or after a long trip or hard workout week. Some of the key nutrients include B vitamins, Vitamin C, glutathione, and Selenium, which all help to energize from the inside out.


Why was it important to you to bring your suite of services and products to a more traditional wellness destination like a gym?

Our goal is to bring wellness to where people are already living and working. It made so much sense to us to partner with a company that shares a lot of the same values and integrity around health and wellness for our first foray downtown. With this commitment to feeling well, we've hand selected favorites from post work-out essentials to nontoxic skincare to smart supplements and more.

What would you say to those who are hesitant to try "biohacking" in favor of simpler approaches to health and wellness?

All is good! I like to say - try it and see how you feel. It’s all an experiment and different things work for different people. You don’t need to get super fancy, in fact for feeling well it’s most important to get those simple basics down first!

Mantra of the moment: I’m currently reading Shoe Dog so it has to be “Just Do It.”