into the deep


Whether it’s a solo silent retreat, an online workshop, or a session with a fave practitioner, there’s a common belief that we “should” tackle our inner work solo. And, if we do frequent a healing circle or community events, they tend to be a bit more surface level and light-hearted. Sure, we might dig deep about collective issues but doing your personal deep inner work in front of others? Scary! Daunting! Taboo!

Spiritual teacher and author Biet Simkin wants to change all that. “Much can be created in the group field that cannot be created in the singular work,” she explains. “When several are gathered in the name of shedding masks and awakening, amazing things happen!”

Things like watching your story light up the eyes of another in recognition. Things like developing trust through vulnerability. Things like pure, genuine, soul to soul connection.

Many people may feel tense or uncertain at the thought of spending a full day deep diving into soul work. Can you speak to what might be holding someone back from this kind of work and the benefits of overcoming those fears?
If you want a life that's easy as a leaf on a stream you need to do "right work". The good news is "right work" is easy in its nature because it's what you were always meant to do. Anything real requires effort but I don't like to look at it as work.. I see it more like sex or dancing ... it's fun and why not do it for many hours!?

What kind of work can people expect to do at one of your intensive events?
Well I am a teacher of an ancient system and so I will be revealing these laws in a few workshop style settings, learning the secret of human body types, unraveling ancient meditation techniques and connecting with others who have come to the workshop. I am not allowed to say who but I have a secret surprise guest too who is one of my favorite healers on the planet! He will be joining us and sharing some magic!

What has been the biggest change in your life since diving into your own spiritual work?
I am happy, I am a good friend, I am a good family member, I am rich, I am in love with the man of my dreams, I have the career of my dreams... the list goes on and on. The main thing this type of work gives you is an ability to connect with your soul! While you kick ass and take numbers. The soul piece is missing for some so if you have all the above but still can't connect to it or still feel like “hmm something is missing” then this is the work that adds that sweetness! Ya know what I mean?

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