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forever (almost) 30

When it comes to aging gracefully, there are few things more helpful than keeping a fresh perspective. We can drink all the elixirs and slather on all the creams, but if we are stuck in the paradigms of the past, we’ll always be old and outdated.

To grow young, we must think young. We must observe the changing tide of society, get curious about it rather than judgemental, and do our best to expand our consciousness towards unity and inclusion, always.

Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik of Almost30 podcast are hoping to do just that with their upcoming event in Austin, “Inclusion, Equity, and Courageous Awareness”. Bringing together their podcast audience with renowned diversity facilitator Rachel Rosen, they are hoping to shed light on some big issues in a lighthearted, safe space. Join them in Austin and read up below about why they feel this conversation is so necessary, especially in the world of wellness.


Tell us more about the event coming up in Austin!

We are hosting an event this March 26th in Austin Texas with Rachel Rosen on the topic of inclusion, equity and courageous awareness at the Refinery that we are SO EXCITED ABOUT. We met Rachel at an event we attended last year, and fell in love with her mission, values and voice. She is a public speaker, facilitator and coach, and really has done a lot of work around having more inclusive conversations to uncover blind spots and inspire action through the incorporation of intersectionality. Rachel’s magic is that she uses so much warmth and humor on even the most tender and tense of issues. We are so excited to have these meaningful conversations with our community!

Why was it important to you to bring this conversation to your audience?

It's our job as white women born with privilege in the space to bring up these issues, and explore these issues with our community. We have been so lucky that we've been able to bring experts and amazing facilitators to help us to grow as podcasts hosts, and to spark these types of conversations with our community.

Obviously, diversity and inclusion play into our overall health as a society, but can you speak to how these concepts play a part in our personal wellness?

Wellness is about so much more than green juice, yoga pants, and bubble baths. In the end, we as humans have an inane desire to feel and be connected in the world, and having a sense of community is a huge marker and pillar of happiness. For us, this is a key component of personal growth and becoming more compassionate to others, joy and communion with others, bringing them together to learn their story without judgement is HUGE!

What are you hoping to gain personally from this discussion?

There is so much to uncover here, we just can't wait to go deeper and deeper. Plus in the type of environment that we have at Almost 30 Podcast events, it's light, it's warm, its non-judgmental, it's eye opening...We think that there is no greater opportunity for growth than coming together to reflect on what it means to show up with systemic awareness and intentional action–ALL in service of having maximal impact in our community.

Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik

Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik

rachel rosen

rachel rosen

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